Living and Writing the New American West


Physical location…doesn’t determine whether our work is minor or provincial or for the ages or whatever.

William Kittredge, “Where Should We Be?”

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Listen to Lynn Stegner and Russell Rowland discuss West of 98 on The Write Question radio program

A medley of essays and poetry, it’s an impressive collection, a Who’s Who of Western literature

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West of 98 contains several fist-shaking essays, most of them lamenting environmental degradation…. But there are just as many funny essays, particularly those that confront Western stereotypes.

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This comprehensive and sometimes contradictory collection offers as much pleasure as scholarly merit.

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Editors Rowland and Stegner, in this wonderful compilation, have indeed assembled a raucous, funny, reflective Greek chorus—one that reminds us, as Rowland writes in “Chasing the Lamb,” that “the last frontier of the West might be the internal journey, the search for how each of us fits in this mythical place.”

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In this thick, rich volume, we’re treated to essays and poems by, among others, Rick Bass, Larry McMurtry, Judy Blunt, Walter Kirn, Gary Snyder and Gretel Ehrlich. Some of the contributors merely define their own postage-stamp-sized corner of the West, others conclude by admitting they’re baffled by the physical and imaginative boundaries of the region.

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